Diet Protocol

With every order you receive a complete diet plan and instructions.

Below is a quick sample of the daily intake

Loading Days (Days 1&2) You must take your drops on loading days.

These are the first two days you start taking your drops. Ita��s very important you do these 2 days. You are allowed to eat and drink anything and everything you want. Try eat more fatty foods than foods high in sugar, as this will reduce food cravinga��s in first few days when the diet starts. Some good foods to eat on the loading days are full fat dairy products, custard, ice cream, hot chocolate, creamy sauces, cheese, full fat milk, double cream, butter, fatty meats like chicken wings, sausages, nuts, avocado, croissants, cream cakes etc

Daily Intake

BreakfastA�– Choose one of the 5 options and dona��t have the same option everyday.

Option 1; Approved cereals

Option 2; One egg- boiled, poached or scrambled with 40 cala��s of melba toast.(men allowed 2 eggs)

Option 3; One Yogurt of 125grms, less than 75 cala��s per pot and piece of fruit from list. (Men 2 fruit)

Option 4 ; Ballyfree turkey rashera��s (2 allowed) with 40 cala��s melba toast (men 3 rashers)

Option 5 ; Reduced Sugar and Salt Heinz baked beans 150 grms with 40 cals of melba toast. (Men 220grms)

Lunch:A�Choose your protein and 300grms of veg from list below or 300grms of approved veg soup. Soups you buy from shops under 140cals per 300grms

Dinner: Same as lunch a choice of Protein 140grms and 300grms mixed vegetables or the soup option from list above. You can also add the free foods listed below to your meala��s

Eat different meals for Lunch and dinner daily for best results.

Proteins allowed – Chicken Beef, Fish,Eggs, Pork, Turkey, Cottage Cheese, Tofu, Quorn etc

Veg- 99% of vegetables are allowed on our plan.

Snacks- 3 fruits snacks allowed everyday from fruit list. Choose From Approved Yogurts

Try drink 2.5 litres to 3 litres of water daily


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